Top 10 Hated America's Next Top Model Contestants


Top 10 Hated America’s Next Top Model Contestants // Subscribe:

These are the contestants on ANTM who irked and annoyed the other contestants, judges and audiences alike! We’ve included infamous models like Kacey Leggett, Devin Lj Clark, Renee Alway, Alexandria Everett, Jade Cole, Kristin Kagay, Marissa Hopkins, Denzel Wells and Monique Calhoun.

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  1. Putting anyone on a “most hated” list is inexcusable. These are people with feelings and flaws. This is like bullying. Many people have committed suicide after social media bullying. Shame on you all.

  2. I'm conservative and not all of us are like that. I have no problem with gays or any race. I treat everyone kind.

    I am against abortion as I'm pro life.

    I feel like they created her. Like she's just a troll to make conservatives look bad. Just saying.

  3. So many of these contestants were obviously living in poverty with little education, so this show was their ticket to a decent life. They were some desperate losers.

  4. This. All of this sounds like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t watch the show. Lol this is a terrible list. You did it again mojo.

  5. ❤️❤️❤️Jade sorry about it Rember jade’s spoken word beatnik rap at her exit bravo jade bravo👏👏👏👏👏👏


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