Top 10 Most Successful America's Next Top Model Winners


These fierce competitors were “smizing” long after the show wrapped. For this list, we’re looking at the winners of this reality competition series who found success after being on the show. Our list includes Nicole Fox, Whitney Thompson, Adrianne Curry, Dani Evans, Keith Carlos, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most Successful America’s Next Top Model Winners.

10. Nicole Fox
9. Whitney Thompson
8. Lisa D’Amato
7. Adrianne Curry
6. Yoanna House
5. Dani Evans
4. Saleisha Stowers
3, 2 & 1???

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  2. You’re kidding me – Yaya DaCosta should have been in the top 3 on this list… How can you not even have her on the list at all… you are not serious🙄😳

  3. Umm Eva should be number 1 I don’t even know who number 2 and 1 are. Also the fact that she won over 15 years ago and is still relevant today is major. She’s done soo much more than Housewives of Atlanta like being in a movie with Chris Rock, being a cast on a tv series House of Payne etc.

  4. So Keith is second, because he was essentially an extra in a Cardi B video?
    I agree with some other posters, Eva should be number 1.

  5. I don't necessarily remember most of the girls, including Yoanna, but her final photoshoot picture has stayed with me through the years. Its absolutely gorgeous

  6. The point of antm is finding a true model who can work in the fashion industry…most of your pick was not success in modelling or involve in fashion…the winner based on modelling or fashion success were nyle, danielle and whitney ( she did a lot of prints work even it cheap but she was modelling), and jaslene also very successful as a model, how come she not here… eva was also successful but she was success as a realitystar not a model


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