Top 10 Outrageous America's Next Top Model Moments (SUPERCUT)


Top 10 Outrageous Americas Next Top Model Moments

Watch as MsMojo counts down the most dramatic, insane, laugh out loud ANTM moments from this groundbreaking reality TV series. Tyra Banks, temper tantrums, broken ankles, we have all the drama.

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  1. Wow we should be thankful of how the industry has changed a little bit, cause these girls were honestly miserable at least the looked like they were.

  2. These moments were hilarious to watch! That Elyse rant? She went in on every single girl up in that house. She ain't leave one person untouched.

  3. My all time favorite ANTM moment was when Tyra brought the girls to a mysterious place and told them they did not make it through the auditions and were cut, and moments later pulled down a sheet and revealed that they actually were the contestants!

  4. Cycle 4 had a lot of greatest moments of all time:
    1. Rebecca fainting
    2. The Flesh Bacteria
    3. Tyra Yelling

    But, I'm surprised The Granola Bar Incident from Cycle 5 didn't make on the list.

  5. WHAT THE FUCK?! Once again you forgot to mention Victoria Henley's freaky "mommy dearest" phone calls from cycle 19
    Leila's shocking elimination in Cycle 19
    Louise Watts leaving and quitting during judging in cycle 18
    Brittani calling Alexandria out during the Ford Warriors in Pink challenge from cycle 16
    Denzel called out at judging for being a homophobe in cycle 21
    the vertical runway challenge from cycle 20
    the underwater runway challenge from cycle 20
    Eva being terrified of a tarantula beauty shot in cycle 3
    Caridee confessing that she attempted suicide during Cycle 7
    Molly O'Connell getting the worst makeover EVER in cycle 16
    Celia throwing Tahlia under the bus at end of elimination in cycle 12
    Hannah being called out for being a racist in cycle 11
    Kardashian carousal runway challenge in the all-stars cycle (cycle 17)
    Tyra Banks acting like a fool during judging in cycle 19
    Catfight between Aminat, Teyona, Natalie, Tahlia, Celia and even Allison from cycle 12


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