Top 10 Shocking Eliminations on America’s Next Top Model

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Not everyone can be on top, but we didn’t see these shocking eliminations on “America’s Next Top Model” coming. For this list, we’ll be looking at the eliminations that completely blindsided viewers and left us questioning the judges’ decisions on the reality television series and interactive competition. Our countdown includes Angelea Preston, Brooke Miller, Allison Harvard, and more! MsMojo ranks the most shocking eliminations on “America’s Next Top Model.” Which elimination shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Shocking Eliminations on America’s Next Top Model

  1. Angelea was just an okay model and honestly shouldnt have made it that far..Other models were so much better than her.

  2. I was hoping Heather would be on this list. She literally only got eliminated because she got lost in a foreign country. She is on the spectrum, so that challenge was especially difficult, but repeatedly had the best photos and did well in other challenges. Even after she was eliminated she continued to be the "Model of the Week" because fans kept voting for her <3

  3. Where is my girl Lenox from cycle 21? She’s the best from that season. Lacey Rogers from 22? Khrystiana from 24 when she should’ve been the winner?

  4. To me, Elyse Sewell will always be the biggest shocking elimination. She was fantastic throughout, and I suspect that her atheism and infamous rant on all the girls in the confessional was a contributing factor. She wasn't the "all American girl" which I think the first season kind of wanted in the finale. Thankfully she was successful after the show. Still to this day I think she's one of the few very good models out of this show.

  5. Why is nobody talking about Renée going home over Natasha in cycle 8??? That elimination literally ruined her life and it didn’t even get a mention

  6. Jenah only made it to top 3. Heather was the one who made it to the finals. I really thought Jenah would win that cycle. Saleisha isn't even better in posing as Jenah. Her only edge is that the winner of each is cycle is not decided by the show, but by Cover Girl. They get to choose who's the winner. So it doesn't matter if you get all best photos throughout the entire competition because if someone does better at the Cover Girl commercial, she's the winner. So much hate for that. Just like what happened to Molly of cycle 16.

    Also, Allison got robbed twice. She should have won instead of Teyona. But I can't argue because Teyona is a strong contender too. But Lisa? Her photos are really bad, it's surprising they kept her until the finals. Allison did better than her and Angelea. Laura got robbed of being in the finals.

  7. I'm SO GLAD Nina is first. She's my absolute favorite and I always cry watching her elimination. So unfair and complete bullshit.

  8. And later Tyra was like “oh I see what you meant now about ninas photo” basically saying she shouldn’t have voted against her. Made me so angry at the time.

  9. Nina burns wasn't robbed she's still not going to win anyway when jourdan miller was there!
    jourdan is the biggest threat and the clear winner of C20 hands down well deserved!
    While Nastasia Scott, Jenah Doucette, Claire Unabia and Allison Harvard was the most robbed contestant in the history of ANTM! if you imagine if nastasia and Claire didnt eliminated they would've killed that runway hopefully winning the entire season
    also that fan voting system of s19 itself is the most useless and unnecessary decision the production had ever made.

    im so pissed laura, lisa and saleisha and Whitney won!

  10. Angelea and Lisa where not even half as good as Alison. Sometimes feels like Tyra has no idea who can have a modeling career in high fashion, but then I think she doesn't want strong girls to win. Take Saleisha for example, who was an average girl and model, but won the competition.

  11. Shandi (C2), Felicia (C8), Mariah (C18), Angelea (C14/17), Candace (C18), and Heather (C9) most unfair eliminations

  12. shocking eliminations from each season (for me)
    cycle 1 – ebony, elyse, robin
    cycle 2 – jenascia, sara, shandi
    cycle 3 – toccara, kristi, amanda
    cycle 4 – tiffany, rebecca, keenyah
    cycle 5 – nik and bre
    cycle 6 – mollie, jade, furonda
    cycle 7 – melrose and eugena
    cycle 8 – dionne, renee, felicia
    cycle 9 – jenah, bianca, heather
    cycle 10 – fatima, dominique, stacey ann
    cycle 11 – sheena and analeigh
    cycle 12 – allison, aminat, celia
    cycle 13 – sundai
    cycle 14 – raina, jessica, ren
    cycle 15 – kayla, esther, chris
    cycle 16 – joclyn
    cycle 17 – allison, dominque, bianca
    cycle 18 – kyle, azmarie, ebony
    cycle 19 – leila
    cycle 20 – don’t care
    cycle 21 – don’t care
    cycle 22 – don’t care
    cycle 23 – Tatiana
    cycle 24 – krystiana, erin

  13. nina burns?!!? she wasn’t even the fan favorite of that season and she never lived up to her potential honestly

  14. You should do best cycles, best winners, best non-winners, top judges/personalities, and best runway walks

  15. Jenah or Heather not even a honorable mention…not to mention Lauren Brie, Allison, Melrose, Don, Raelia, Lacey etc.

  16. What about Nicole beating Nik in cycle 5? Nicole was so annoying, she was a basket case in the statue challenge screaming every time a bird came near her. Nik won multiple challenges and was just a better overall model than Nicole. Even Nicole was surprised when she won. I was SO pissed about Nik not winning. Nicole was annoying and whiny. Nik was the better model hands down. She should've won.

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