Top 10 Successful America's Next Top Model Contestants


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These ANTM contestants have gone on to enjoy long and prosperous careers. For this list, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 successful America’s Next Top Model contestants. For this list, we’ll be looking at ten of the most successful contestants to come from “America’s Next Top Model.” For the purposes of this list, we’ll be discussing the contestants’ post-show careers, whether the career was in modeling or not. We also won’t be limiting this list to winners – every contestant is eligible.

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  1. Joanie Dodds! I don't remember what cycle she was on. Six, maybe? Hope she's doing well after ANTM. I knew her for a short time and she's really a great person!

  2. On the flip side, some of these contestants are now dead! Jael Strauss died at age 34 from breast cancer, for example. Wikipedia lists 2 others that have died as well.

  3. Danielle Evans always worked as a model since she won ANTM. She still works on runway and in magazines and has done billboards as well. How could you have forgotten her?

  4. Allison is only on this list because so many people voted for her (these lists are determined by votes), she was never that successful. Those designers she walked for are complete nobodies and hosting a dance competition and judging a beauty contest is hardly anything important.


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