Top 10 Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers


Top 10 Worst America’s Next Top Model Makeovers
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These are the worst makeovers in ANTM history! This list consists of makeovers that include bad weaves, terrible haircuts and/or questionable hairstyles. We’ve included Cassandra Jean’s Mia Farrow cut, Shei’s two-toned hair, Laura’ss patriotic makeover, Marvita’s horsetail mullet, Phil’s Jesus extensions, Saleisha’s mushroom bob, Brittany’s read clown weave, Molly’s giant blonde weave and more!

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  1. I do know what I am talking about. I have had a COSMETOLOGY LICENSE for 20 years. I have always asked what style do they like to have. You might make some suggestions but you let the client decide what haircut, what color and style that they would like, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

  2. I think Tyra wanted to see her cry and show some emotion on the show. What better way to do it, is to have her hair cut real short. Knowing Cassandra had real long hair.

  3. I'm glad that Cassandra stood up and said NO, that she wasn't going to let them cut off other inch to her hair. I HAD CLAPPED BIG TIME FOR HER!

  4. When Cassandra didn't want to cut her hair and she was crying. To do that to someone is abusive. It is easier to make a person hair long with a weave and easier to take it off. A person who has long natural hair it is easy to cut it. YES, IT WILL GROW BACK. BUT IT TAKES A LONG…… TIME TO GROW BACK. SOMETIMES IT TAKES SEVERAL YEARS TO GROW BACK. ITS LIKE IF YOU DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR SHORT, THEN YOU CAN'T STAY IN THE COMPETITION. SO IF A PERSON CUTS ALL THEIR LONG HAIR OFF BUT THEN THEY DON'T WIN THE COMPETITION. THEN THEY HAD THEIR HAIR CUT FOR NOTHING.

  5. Tyra seems like a power tripping evil stepmom narcissist as she gleefully manipulates these young girls to mutilate themselves just for a CHANCE at getting some work.

  6. Alright I get she wants to cut their hair into pixies to show off facial structure and such, but why bleach it? Tyra bleaches almost every pixie she gives a girl. That’s what I never got, like wtf. They look great with their usual dark hair.

  7. I get that Cassandra didn't want them to change her too much but she already let them cut off almost all of her hair so what difference is 1 inch gonna make

  8. I actually think short and blonde looked much better on Cassandra considering her bone structure and her hair looked healthier.

  9. The show is exploitation at its worst, Tyra is a narcissistic bitch and I don't like her. She makes out she cares but she clearly cares about no one and the people in the fashion world do not live or have any concept of the real world and people's feelings

  10. The gap was fucked up! Why in the hell did she let the do that? Fuck MAYBE winning, I wouldn’t allow anyone to permanently manipulate my teeth for a tv show, especially if it’s just for an aesthetic

  11. It’s crazy to cut someone’s (female) hair short. I’m sorry for the girls who lost their hair. I hope they were compensated appropriately.


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