Top 20 Memorable America's Next Top Model Photoshoots


In the world of professional modeling, these were the most memorable “ANTM” photoshoots. For this list, we’ve selected the most entertaining and outlandish photo shoot moments of Tyra Banks’s 22-cycle run on this American reality television series and interactive competition. Our countdown includes drag queens, bald is beautiful, seven deadly sins, and more! MsMojo ranks the most memorable “ANTM” photoshoots. Which “ANTM” photoshoot sticks out to you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. very very crazy and outrageous fun list I like it a lot great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever please do more videos like this one please

  2. The mixed race one was not racist. It was a really good, artistic idea to do a photo shoot like that.

  3. the tarantula (3) shoot snakes (1) just creepy however the vampire shoot(14) the horrifying death shoot (8) and the seven deadly sins shoot(4) also terrifying but the guppies shoot they're actually mermaids not fish exotic bird shoot (12) number one not the snake one bird shoot one of my personal faves along with went to the circus (7)

  4. I wish they would stop talking about cultural appropriation. The mixed race shoot was one of the best ones ever, the one at The Great Wall was amazing too. Art & fashion are two worlds known for borrowing from other cultures. May they never stop!

  5. I loved the candy, side show freaks, drag queen, elephant and smize in pool photo shoots the "older seasons". Fact Raven was one of the drag queens in that shoot!! Omg and the storybook characters

  6. Cycle 1 the diamond shoot with the top 4 is one I would of included given that two girls did not participate

  7. fun fact: at the drag race shoot, aka raja winner of s3 of rpdr aka sutan amrull appears in the vid, as he was at the time the head make up artist for antm

  8. I can expect a cute girl in a cute and funny elephant costume with a fake elephant trunk on her nose with her elephant costume!

  9. That video is pretty cool, but that circus elephant girl one is pretty funny with the girl’s elephant trunk with tusks being upside-down instead of the right side up like on some pictures plus it’s weirdly hilarious!

  10. Anything from Season 11 immediately takes me to the robbery that Lauren Brie was a victim of.
    Loved her Hot Air Balloon shot, her bikini shot and her water shot.

  11. As mixed-race Hawaiian myself I don't see the "Biracial Beauties" as being "black face", as many have done on that particular shoot. Throwing the words "black face" to any given moment diminishes the actual meaning and what that phenomenon entails. "Black face" is more than just changing ones color -but it's doing so in form of an insult as to show that the POCs, the black especially, are of lower status – and the biracial beauties photoshoot is not of that sort. That shoot is used to tell people of the history of the sugar cane plantation in Hawaii. None of those pictures and that episode in particular is used as an insult to us. One can deem call it as cultural appropriation – and it ould be seen as such but that particular shoot is so far from black face.


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