Top 5 Surprising Facts About Americas Next Top Model

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Top 5 Surprising Facts About Americas Next Top Model

When you stick several competitors in a house together, there’s going to be some controversy. For this reality competition show, there were certainly lots of drama behind the scenes you may not have known! For example did you know that in one of the seasons, several models destroyed a loft and cost the show about $500,000 in damage? How about the fact that a previous contestant was let go because of her escort past and in turn sued the show?

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27 thoughts on “Top 5 Surprising Facts About Americas Next Top Model

  1. Tyra should have remained chill and professional regardless of how that girl acted. It’s a bad move on tv and to people who look up to you. She tells the girls to be professional but did not do the same. Lead by example Tyra. Glad she did not do that again. When family guy parodies you…

  2. How messed up that they basically cut the girl's off from everyone and send them to a hotel by themselves! Smh.

  3. 2:50 I'm sorry but just because you've had trauma in your past does NOT, in any way, imply that you "don't get a chance"! More likely your fugly attitude, appearance, and your own past bad choices and actions are the real reason you were cut the way you were. As a rape survivor myself, there's a massive difference between being raped and choosing to be an escort! SMH

  4. I felt bad for Angelea but she didn't deserve to win regardless.

    Its not cruel to keep them after elimination, literally every show does it after being eliminated, chill lol.

  5. It's standard practice not to actually go home after elimination from a reality series. It's the same for contestants on Survivor or The Amazing Race, the Bachelor/ette or any other competition show. It's not live – taping happens months ahead of time, so to prevent the viewing audience from knowing who was eliminated, everybody is kept around until the show wraps or they can be released without causing a stir.

  6. I just realize if Angelea wasn't disqualified, She'd won but when she was disqualified, Lisa won so that means Angelea is 1st, Lisa is 2nd and Allison is 3r- NO

  7. Angelea also said (In the Interview you showed) that In the house they weren't always allowed to eat and then another model said that basically To "earn" the right to make phone calls or how long you can be on the phone you had to win the shows challenges .

  8. Have you seen the dumb shit they have to do in this show? How are people suppose to take them seriously after that?

  9. What about the fact that for the first run of it, Covergirl picked the model they wanted from pretty much the beginning of the cycle. Caridee knew she shouldn't have won and she admitted it but Covergirl picked her. Same for Teyona in cycle 12.

  10. In regards to #1 on the list, I'm pretty sure that the majority of reality shows do this. I mean, when shows randomly bring back contestants to fight their way back into the competition, did you REALLY think that they flew everyone back to set just to get a 2nd chance? No. They keep people in sequester after their elimination so that the time of elimination doesn't make the elimination order blatantly obvious. It's especially prevalent with shows like RuPaul's Drag Race where fans use absences in social media to know if queens are on the show or not. Big Brother even shows contestants in sequester (jury house) after they're eliminated.

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