Top Model Stars Who Don't Look Anything Like They Used To


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America’s Next Top Model strutted its stuff for an impressive 22 seasons over 12 years, and Tyra Banks’ reality competition kickstarted busy entertainment careers for many of its leggy alumni. But not every contestant has walked a pretty path to fashion and fortune. And some look much different than their on-screen portfolios. Here are the Top Model stars who look so much different now.

Jael Strauss | 0:21
Renee Alway | 0:51
Cassi Van Den Dungen | 1:53
Amanda Swafford | 2:52
Bello Sanchez | 3:27
Lisa D’Amato | 3:56
Denzel Wells | 4:38

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  1. If you wanna see someone who’s changed, look up Natasha from cycle 8 of ANTM. She’s the girl from Russia that married a man twice her age. She literally doesn’t even look like the same person.

    Sundai from cycle 13 has also changed a lot.

  2. Damn the girl that busted up her nose should have left the scar… she'd look badass asf, she could even model it cuz that'd be an upgrade to her face to me.

  3. So you can blow up to the size of Jabba the Hut or whatever he's called where you can't even walk and be glorified, but God forbid you be skinny to the bone and able to walk. Fat Acceptance is Garbage.

  4. i know some one close to me who was on Canada's next top model and she ended up dieing from drugs as well 🙁


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