Tyra Banks Spills The Tea On America's Next Top Model, Life Size 2, And Her New Book

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“Conventional beauty? Boring!”

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Tyra Banks
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38 thoughts on “Tyra Banks Spills The Tea On America's Next Top Model, Life Size 2, And Her New Book

  1. Tyra is a hot mess in her own right- a diva, an egotistical person, aloof at times.

    But man. I love her no matter what. I sometimes think, "she really bugs me in this season of antm." But I always am crazy about her.

  2. I like antm but really popular shows can get weird fast in that the become set up. They know people find drama interesting so they probably wont send the bitchy girls home because they cause to much shit we all like to see. Stuff like that. Theres some real weird people that work on shows like.

  3. Tyra censured Adrienne Curry because she declared that she was cheated, the contract with Revlon was a lie and Whilemina never acted as her real agency. I think Tyra and her production were unfair to Adrienne.

  4. Kinda awkward to say she is still rooting for Tiffany on a BuzzFeed video considering the interview BuzzFeed did with Tiffany.

  5. pfft id rather have more people spill the tea on tyra. from what ive heard rom behind the scenes on ANTM she sounds pretty nasty and jealous

  6. I always knew she had a huge heart she yelled at Tiffany because she was genuinely angry with her even Tiffany said she had the utmost respect for Tyra because of it

  7. Um hello, why didn't she mention Allison? Not once…. Shame Tyra. Yes you're stunning Miss Banks but come on..

  8. 10 months, 158K views, Millions of views on the vids of the girls exposing Pot Ledom…….its about ratings

  9. I really want to watch this but I cannot with those hairs. I’m getting a headache trying to focus on what she’s saying because of those hairs!

  10. But I don't think her make-up line is doing that well.. it's overshadowed by rihanna's and Kylie's

  11. Please bring back Adrianne Curry, she was one of the pioneers and deserves to be a part of the show.

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