VALORANT | NEW Skins & Deathmatch FFA Mode + Battlepass Tease (Act 2)


Valorant Act 2 comes tomorrow with new agent Killjoy, new skin bundle Glitchpop and a new gamemode for FFA and Team Deathmatch. We also talk ranked changes, new buffs and nerfs and a tease of the battlepass!
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  3. First to 30 kills? What the fuck?! It should be straight 6 minutes and that's it. In cs go there is no who is better, it is just a warmup or training. Imagine a guy who is super good and does 30 frags in 3 mins. You cant focus on your skills because someone is reaching the limit..

  4. Hello people section I was wondering if any of you are small or new youtubers willing to play Valorant/Fortnite or whatever in a new community. If so than comment so I can make a discord and invite people.

  5. It doesn't matter how good the skins look, if the weapons they are on aren't used much, it becomes an underwhelming skin pack. The art design is probably some of the most creative and visually eye-caching thus far, but I don't see myself using any of them. Throw in a Vandal, Phantom, Operator, Ghost, Sheriff or any popular weapon and I would see myself throwing an unreasonable amount of money on a skin or two.

  6. Riot sucks.. they always go for arcadish skins.. they shoud hire new devs as their skin ideas across all riot games are all same

  7. So happy that deathmatch is coming, this is the perfect way to practice headshots, I'm hoping they allow HS only as an option! :pray:

  8. Short description about server: Valorant Worldwide is a Valorant focused discord server made for Valorant players from all around the globe. The server is visually pleasing and we have variety of channels including team recruiting, looking for group & more. We have also have a custom Discord bot designed only for this server. Our staff is friendly & professional. Also if we reach enough players we can also start hosting tournaments! So what are you waiting? Join now!


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