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Full NBC News NOW Coverage – July 16 | NBC News Now


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38 thoughts on “Watch NBC News NOW Live – July 16

  1. Isreali + British intelegent services have already elected Trump for second term, so polls dont matter. same as H.Clinton whom was up in polls but lost.

    This is the facts!!
    ✔ it out below the link…
    SAD CASE….
    Do the math !!!

  3. Is NBC live news giving away free bitcoin now?

    Please do not fall for this fraud.
    You guys should be all over this fraud!!

  4. Reporters! why do you not scream at Trump, asking him "why is he killing us"? Trump has the herd mentality. His incompetence and evilness is causing us to die. STOP LAUGHING AT THE MURDERER. We are dying. He does not have a plan

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  7. a dilemma facing most youtubers today. wanting to unsubscribe a channel you're not subscribed to but can't bring yourself to hit the subscribe button just so you can unsubscribe because subscribing will just make you feel dirty and negate the happeh happeh feeling of unsubscribing channels like this. sophies choice.

  8. Traitor Trump is drowning at the polls.. Good Riddance…ya, I don’t think racism is going to help you Traitor Trump!

  9. Trump wants to blame Chinese yet his behavior is far worse. I think the reason he is screaming, "CHINA VIRUS" is simple. He wants the News Media to look at the Chinese or him. I believe he could be putting up a smokescreen to cover for the companies directly and indirectly for their capitalization on COVID. If this is true, an investigative reporter could dig this up, Pulitzer material. It would be a dangerous assignment as well. Try looking at who's profiting from this right from the get-go and then try the ones that are laying out money at exactly the right time. These numbers would be easy to do on a forecasting model. Then overlay the investment firms profiting on which dates and when they laid out the money as well as withdrew and maybe reinvested to make a killing. I think you will have a great start right at that point

  10. Why are we covering (and modeling) things like the cat fight in the airport? NOTHING else happened?? Oh wait…click bait. Go look up what "journalism" means.

  11. nothing can be done to prevent fools from losing their money since the theives are to tricky thats why the rich get richer

  12. Join the etherium million money smart contract group

  13. Sounds very familiar 🤔 double use vaccines almost like a vaccine bill was talking about before the pandemic for a vaccine that protects against many of the same viruses

  14. Trump/White House/ Republicans and White Supremacists are incompetent clueless delusional irresponsible corrupted lying Individuals.

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