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  1. NB: Playboy in the past had hard hitting writers – I am referring to its current state. Like Vogue, it has declined.

  2. i'm just gonna say, 17 IS NOT THE AGE OF CONSENT IN NEW YORK!! i've lived here my whole life and it's ALWAYS been 18!!!

    let's send this lady to jail

  3. They literally make medications that make it so you’re not addicted?? There’s literally medications (Idk the name) that react with alcohol (obv for alcoholics) that even react with RUBBING alcohol.

  4. I, too, like most depressed people have though, “maybe I shouldn’t be here (I don’t want to actually say it).” However, unlike most people, but SIMILAR TO PETE, “I don’t want to hurt anyone.” The only difference? I’m a teenage girl. Now, how does that prove anything about revenge?

  5. This Shallon is psycho thats for sure. Her obsession with the younger men is because she has low self esteem and getting a boy much younger then her will make her feel better and feel like she is attractive.

  6. I bashed you in a view videos for hating but i have to admit you are intelligent. You said you are going to University and i hope you use your intelligence for something other then what you are doing now.

  7. The BTS thing was pretty racist. She wants to pretend she made out with Harry Styles, who proudly paints his nails and wears women clothing (including dresses!) but BTS is too traditionally "feminine" because of their hair and contacts? Lmao.

  8. 11:30 OOOOO that just pissed me right the fuck off. LADY, we're not trying to emotionally blackmail people, we're trying to say we feel like we're in an inescapable hole where there's no winning! We can't stay because it's painfully unbearable, and we can't leave without destroying others! UGH

    Edit: Onto the ephebophilia. 🤮🤮
    Edit 2: "How do you tell these people apart??" Bruh. Ran right over us with a racism truck. I mix up their names sometimes (mostly Jin and Jimin), but not their freaking appearances…

  9. Sadly glare its sad to see how celebrities know they are known to the world but exposing themselves badly like this.

  10. WTF?! You can and should be medicated for Borderline!! If the doctor says you need it you take it!! In my case it was called sertraline, and I NEEDED IT. As someone who suffers BPD the fact she said this is our personality is SO DISGUSTING!!! I'm crying, actually… This is NOT my personality, I didn't want to be like this. When I have a crisis this isn't me, this is my DISORDER, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS, IT'S A DISORDER!! Omg… This woman… she's even worse than Trisha Paytas!!!

  11. "Asian man are alpid to be asain man" they look like man 😂 a lot of guys waer makeup to look better for photos and etc. So


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