Weirdest Era Of Tom And Jerry |The Gene Deitch Era – Review|


Are you familiar with the weirdest phase of Tom and Jerry, aka the Gene Deitch Era?

Watch the video till the end to find out more. 🎮🎥

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  1. In real life, Clint could have many charges of hurting Tom and I wish there is a cartoon where Tom takes revenge on Clint

  2. There is only one character that I don't really like. That'll be Clint Clobber because he always blamed and hurt Tom

  3. As a kid, I wasn't fond of these shorts. They were such a departure from the Hanna-Barbera shorts and I usually preferred the Chuck Jones shorts as follow-ups. As an adult, I do have a better appreciation for them now, but they're still a far cry compared to the 40s and 50s era which will always be the best cartoon to exist.

  4. I knew as a kid also that he was experimental director because Hanna Barbera has their own style jhoney quiest,Jetsons,flinstones, Scooby Doo has background illustations, sound effects and in house voice telent that they use very often. Because Gene passed people are posting him as the soul creator behind Tom and Jerry so I came to re-check if my facts wore wrong and it isn't. Tom and Jerry still lost his one of 3 fathers that made this cartoon iconic. Thnx for the video my guy. awesome content. R.I.P to gene deitch.

  5. The only thing i couldn't stand in this era was toms owner seeing him abusing tom in every episode he was in made me angry and it was annoying.

  6. Even It Is Short Lived For Deitch To Create 13 Tom And Jerrys, But Still Popular At This One Dine-In In Disney World.
    Rest-In-Piece Deitch (1924-2020).

  7. The Tom & Jerry Cartoon Kit is My Favourite Episode of all time
    Also I found out not too long ago that Gene Deitch had actually passed away on the 16th April 2020

  8. This era is terribly underrated (barring the sadistic owner, I really hated the way he abused Tom). I feel bad Deitch (RIP) had to go through so much backlash over his take on Tom and Jerry.

  9. I have nothing against the Gene Deitch incarnation of Tom & Jerry. Besides, this incarnation reminds me a lot of SNL's Mr. Bill Show. "God is not partial", says Acts 10:34.

  10. When I was a little kid I used to imitate the scene from the short where Tom goes on an escalator into heaven on the stairs at my local playground xD

  11. As someone pointed out, they were produced in Czechoslovakia. But then again it gives us a bad image. Many old Czechoslovak cartoons had rivalities but no real violence at all. I can only recall a cat being sacked into… Idk anymore, it was a cartoon about a little girl and her dog. While US cartoons was only violence, though in funny way. From black and white cartoons through Tex Avery to cartoons from 60s and early 70s (Woody). Gene Deitch’s Tom and Jerry fucking looks like those cheap post-gold era Looney Tunes cartoons (I only disagree that The Road Runner ones sucked, they were the only bright part of it).


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