Worth It? Adidas Stan Smith


By now you know the importance of having a solid white sneaker in your rotation and the Adidas Stan Smith is a super popular sneaker style these days. But, are they worth a purchase if you’re looking for white sneakers? In this video you’ll find out if the Stan Smith’s are worth it!

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Adidas Stan Smith

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  1. We might turn this into a regular series, so let us know what you'd like to see reviewed in the comments below!

  2. My colleague Sophie wore a black pair back in 2018 with her security uniform at Wimbledon as Stan himself was passing her access control point to get to the competitors outdoor area she tapped him and as he turned surprised she pointed down to her feet, he let out a “woh! I like it” then he said “ your cooler that all these guys with me” and proceeded to give her a hi five. 🤗

  3. Cleaner look ??? Can’t get it any cleaner than Stan smiths, Taking fashion advice from 12 year olds.

  4. I bought my Stan Smith’s from Amazon $30. Stan Smith’s or one of the original white leather sneakers. There were other brands that made similar products. I got my first pair Stan Smith in 1978. I was 12 years old. They are not as comfortable as they were when I was a kid. The leather is not as soft. I wish they made them in wide sizes. I can stand to wear my new pair for only a few hours. If you use dish soap and a rag and possibly an old toothbrush to clean them. Only stupid people pay the common projects price for a pair of vintage style speakers. If you’re spending more than $100 you’re just a victim of marketing.

  5. I believe, that the original, true Stan Smith were the white w/green. So, that’s what I get. Of course, for marketing and more money, they made different colors, color schemes, etc. But the green is the true Stan Smith. That is unless you have the ones with the French tennis player’s name on them. Before officially going to “Stan Smith”, there was another. But Stan made then famous. By the way if you don’t know, Stan Smith was a top professional tennis player in the 1970’s.

  6. The leather is not as good as other options, and the foot bed is not as comfortable as better brands. I prefer Hugo Boss lowcuts.

  7. I been buying Stan Smith since they were $50. They're not a new fashion craze. Also, the name is where it's supposed to be

  8. The Lacoste Hydez were an awesome substitute to this show a couple years ago. Wait for the Carnabys to go on sale

  9. Does it really matter what color the back part of a Stan Smith is? Like if you get green, do you have to think about your outfit so that it doesn't clash with the green part? Thanks!

  10. I see them as a classic fashion and casual sneaker and wear them with an insert. They feel good for a time, look good with shorts, khakis and jeans, and are perfect for parties or brief outings, bbq's etc. But if you are heavyset, and have to do any serious walking, exercise, or standing around on concrete for a period of time, they hurt my feet. I am flatfooted, but I am also overweight by a couple 10 pounds whereas many other brand sneakers don't have the style but are extremely comfortable and cause no problem. It would be great if they combined the two at some point, style and extreme comfort.

  11. As likable as these two presenters are, it's a little funny to see them debating the merits of a shoe that was designed back in 1970. The shoe is a classic, and it's quality and cleanness of design were well-established long before these two were born.

  12. Fast fashion refers to the means of production not the legacy of the product. People need to recognize that.

  13. Not the same animal, but what do you think about the Nike Killshot 2’s? They always capture my attention, but not sure how versatile they’d be. Thoughts?


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