Your Windows License will expire soon Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Timebased Activation expires


How to fix ‘Your Windows License will expire soon. You need to activate Windows in PC settings’.
Solution: Your license will expires on particular date and time, which can be verified under ‘Activate Windows’ section in PC settings. To get a new license, you need to install the latest version of Windows. If you don’t, your PC will restart every two hours after the license expires.
Note: I found Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation was already activated, but still i am getting this ‘Your license will expire soon’ warning pop-up message, Why?.
Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation will expires within 90 days of period. You are seeing ‘Windows is Activated’ under control panel, since Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation is installed under Timebased Activation.



  1. don't do this please because it will deactivate the windows . u can better use KMSpico it will activate your windows and the message will no long be seen. To download it u need utorrent and then just use this link and download the torrent . i did it really worked

  2. what about this ? can you help me ? everytime i click "activate" nothing's happen. please give me solution


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