Zendaya Coaches Models At The First Runway Event ‘Sneak Peek’ | America's Next Top Model


Law Roach invites one of his favorite clients, Zendaya, to coach the contestants before the first runway show of the competition. Tune in to America’s Next Top Model Monday 12/19 + 10/9c only on VH1.

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Zendaya Coaches Models At The First Runway Event ‘Sneak Peek’ | America’s Next Top Model

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  1. It’s extremely sad that a human being would allow themselves to be known as Law Roach. And it’s extremely scary considering it goes over most people’s head. The darkest part is that many are going to get upset and defend the Roach. I am talking about the fact that this world and its entertainment system is psychologically clever and 100% sinister/deception. What’s worse is that the person who plays this character “Law Roach” is actually being mocked and humiliated and the character Law Roach can’t even see and never will. The African American community or Body should be offended by the portrayal of their nationality on entertainment programs like ANTM. Let’s not forget Charlize Theron’ stealing a South African Beautiful dark skinned male baby and is transitioning that male into a female, that is extremely horrible and evil and of course she will get away with it and mock truth and humanity by mutilating that poor boy and mentally abusing that poor boy. Charlize Theron is a biological man and transitioned at a young age as well, why do you think transgender surgeries even exist it’s been done since the beginning of time. I hope you are all happy with your “Law Roach” and Charles The Ron.
    Sick sad world. Seek Christ out before its too late.

  2. Y'all being ignorant asf just because u don't see on social media her walking the runway, she is still a model… LMAOOO y'all sound dumb asf.

  3. One the best , perfect and cool stylist all time ,law .love law 's fashion I really want him to style me one in a lifetime.

  4. Honestly ANTM has gone down hill. In earlier seasons it was all about trying to make real models into the fashion world but of course like most reality shows the authenticity takes a nose dive when it becomes more about the money and ratings than actually doing what the show was intended to do. I love Zendaya but she should not be brought in to help with the runway.

  5. I. did not. no you😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😨😨😨😨😨🤑😞😞😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😳made it I am so proud of you and I will try right now cuz I'm so proud of you

  6. I'm sorry but how is Zendaya the runway coach when she has zero merit as a runway model. It was bad enough to put Rita Ora in charge of judging when she also has no background in this type of stuff. Get Miss Fame or Raja up in here.

  7. First of all that girl that's worried about the other girl being extra like umm what does her being extra gotta do with YOU?? Please tell me like you aren't even there for her so worry about what you are doing and how you are acting I hate females that do this type of mess like why are you so worried about what the hell she is doing?? 😂😂😂 seems like a problem within yourself you need to figure out Address ur own issues instead of coming for her!! 🙄


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